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Blackbird Counseling, LLC

 Blackbird Counseling is a human services agency dedicated to supporting members of our community through outpatient individual, couple, and family therapy.

BBC utilizes a collaborative approach to treatment, emphasizing client strengths while honoring individual and family values and beliefs.

At Blackbird Counseling we believe that music can speak to your soul and help you through the toughest of times. We all have a relationship with music and songs. They remind us of times in our lives that are joyful, painful, empowering, and inspiring. 

How does music play a part in your life? 

Is there a song that brings you joy and lifts your heart?

What is the Song of your Soul? 

What makes your soul sing?

"You can learn to quiet your mind and listen to the song of your soul." 

-Katrina Mayer

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