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 In Memory 


Rhea I. Reed

Blackbird Counseling, LLC was established in 2021 in remembrance of our friend and colleague, Rhea Reed. Rhea lived her life to the fullest by attending concerts of her favorite bands.  We chose the name "Blackbird Counseling" because the blackbird was meaningful for Rhea, and upon researching the meaning of it, we decided that it really was a fitting image for her and representative of our views on therapy.

Rhea cared about her friends like they were her family. She would offer you her last dollar if you needed it. She would be that ear if you needed to talk. She was an amazing human that loved life and wanted everyone to appreciate how wonderful life could be. She followed the band BUSH on some tours. Along those journeys, she made friends with many people and had such an impact on their lives. Rhea was sarcastic, funny, and had a heart of gold. Music was her muse and she found a way of bringing music with her everywhere.  

She would say that songs spoke to her and she could feel it in her soul. Rhea worked tirelessly to help the families she had on her caseload. She would share her love for music and would encourage the clients to find music to help them chill out. She enjoyed the work she did.

"Rhea always had a presence in the office, whether she was physically there or not. She never hesitated to answer my questions when I was a nervous intern, and simultaneously would scold me for spending money on candy when she always had a plethora of it at her desk for everyone to help themselves to. She was supportive, caring and kept it real; at Blackbird Counseling we hope to create an environment that honors her presence and being." -Justine Carlucci

"Rhea was a truly genuine person. I remember her passion for music and for her clients most of all. I strive to be as compassionate and authentic as she was."

 - Meagan Rebelo

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