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Meaning of the Blackbird

Blackbirds have an ability to use all of their senses and demonstrate awareness. A practice that we all would do well to master. They demand our respect and commitment first, before they even consider opening up, a valuable lesson to not give ourselves away too easily. It is healthy to protect ourselves to a certain degree, but allow help when that trust is earned. Blackbirds are mysterious, they keep their secrets safe and still elicit a sense of marvel.

The flight of a blackbird is symbolic of a courageous journey for higher knowledge that always leaves us better off than when we started. As they coast through the sky, the blackbirds symbolize a great deal of what we strive for: higher intelligence, thoughts, and ideals. They are reminders to constantly try to improve ourselves and gain a better understanding of the world around us.

They are deep and thoughtful creatures, both physically and spiritually, and expect those who associate with it to be as well. The Blackbird does not provide you with any groundbreaking or revolutionary ideas and thoughts, but instead, it comes to you when you have been doubting yourself and assures you that you have the answers to your own questions. You should look inside yourself because what you seek is already there!

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