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Our Team


Blackbird Counseling, LLC

We have loved the journey

Justine Carlucci, LMFT

One of the owners, supervisors, and marriage and family therapists at Blackbird Counseling LLC. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy combining her interests about spirituality and family grief and has experience facilitating anger management groups as well as providing trauma-informed care. Justine uses a collaborative conversational approach in therapy with room for physical activity to help “move” uncomfortable feelings from the body. Her favorite thing about being a therapist is having the honor of listening to so many different life stories and expe​riences. Anyone who has worked with Justine will tell you that she is very passionate about Halloween, for the history, spirituality, and the freedom of expression it encourages.

 “The song of my soul is the sound of the cello. While I am not very good at playing it and it was not my first choice, it holds memories of compromise between family and individuality. Its sounds are beautiful and versatile, strong and delicate, high and low, loud and soft; it often disappears into the background supporting the greater picture, but when given the space to stand out, it is truly magnificent.” -Justine Carlucci​

Meagan Rebelo, LMHC

One of the owners and a licensed mental health counselor and has worked with children and families in a variety of roles. These roles include Intensive Care Coordination, Therapeutic Mentoring, In Home Therapy and Individual Therapy. Meagan has provided support to children, adults and families to address behavioral health concerns such as depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, school based concerns and a variety of social stressors.

The song of my soul is all music. Throughout my life I have found that music helps to express my thoughts and feelings, sometimes better than words can. Listening to music is more of an experience for me.

“Music can get to a part of us that’s hard to open up to, …go there with me.” -Glee

Melissa Moriarty, LMHC

One of the owners, supervisors, and individual and family therapists at Blackbird Counseling. She is a board certified Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Melissa has worked with families, individuals, and has run social skills groups for children and teens. Melissa uses DBT, CBT, Play Therapy, and Solution Focused approaches in her therapy sessions, but adapts her approach based on the need of the client. She is interested in getting certified for EMDR, so she can assist people in working through their trauma. Melissa started as a Therapeutic Mentor and enjoyed helping the children she worked with, so she wanted to become a therapist. She enjoys going her work and helping others. Melissa also enjoys baking cakes and other desserts. She believes that sharing meals and celebrating occasions is an important part of our lives. Melissa loves sharks and the conservation of the species.

"The song of my soul is not just one song, but music. Music can make a moment memorable. I have a special place in my heart for oldies and classic rock, but I would say that I like all types of music and songs." - Melissa Moriarty​   

Nichole Gomes

Tyishia Robinson

A licensed eligible mental health counselor at Blackbird Counseling. 

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